Under the skin, something poisonous. Like an acid flowing, as if from the Alien monster. Watch out for the dribbling! Often now, there are thoughts that reflect that menacing countenance. A wrestling match (With an Angel, or Devil?) Tenderness, not likened with love, Pain's manifest in the body glove. Sore to the touch, no matter … Continue reading Poisonous


This fine poem by Randall Evans…

The Vile Mint

Unexpected memory of a corridor
Voices roaring down the hall
A birthday held when I was four

Not for me, for the jolly good fellow.
An old man’s song if ever bellowed.
On a night that feels both mad and mellow.

I mused a moment, child’s mind,
Who were his friends there by his side?
They loved him then and so did I.

Lucky were the men back then,
To know my grandad as a friend,
Someone on which they could depend.

I wonder if he would be proud
If he had lived to see me now.
The singing voices growing loud…

He blew the candles on the cake
One day he lay and would not wake
Now floating down a gentle lake.

Nothing in this world will last
Our candles burn into the past
And shadow we no longer cast.

Unexpected memory…

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Being of the foolish persuasion, I consulted the Great Oracle Of God's Lexicon and Encyclopaedia. And, with tickling anticipation, I typed in my name. Seven short letters, three space four. I'm Feeling Lucky.  Bingo. There's my smilin' face. Hey, wait just a minute. There's no webcam on this dusty old desktop. Where'd you get that picture, Goo Goo Google? Wait just … Continue reading Oracle


Kid Little thought toys would do it. At fifteen, a Bad Influence showed him Playboy. He thought that would do it. He turned 21 on the day the drinking age changed to 19. He thought booze would do it. It only made him sick. He saw guys with pickup trucks full of empties, belligerent in … Continue reading Itself

Long Ride Home

I love this very feeling poem by MK Vecchitto.

Writing and Reflections


Some people long for blooming darkness
velvet blackness where the lonely seek
cover with the eyes of a discarded doll
even as spirits commune
to hear each teardrop
as it falls

Some people long for endless accolades
syrupy sweetness encased in lyrics that lie
to invent personas which claim there is more
than meets the eye
even as spirits commune
to compose writings that
speak the truth

Some people long for a day that is enough
a long ride home just to enjoy the view
a walk in the sunshine to celebrate sacred earth
refusing to move from pillar to post without intention
recusing the dictates of societal norms
to linger on moments that matter
even as spirits commune
to sing songs
of joy

photo: mine
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe, The Sunday Whirl, Lyric Ideas, #DarkLines

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I Will

This……by Matthew D.  Eayre


I don’t need to apologise
but I will,
because something I said
or did, or did,
made you think I was a
decent fellow,
I hate to kill you,
I’d hate to die,
you seem a decent fellow as well

I have noticed some discrepancies
between the way life is
to me, to me
and the way it looks
when you paint

Are my eyes working poorly?

I’ve seen some nights
and some days
I’ve had my fun
and I’ve shed tears
and blood, and blood

Are my hands too dirty?

I shouldn’t have to explain
but I will, because unlike
those without legitimacy
my reasons have reasons
and I have seen some ugly
and I have been, I have been
I don’t name myself poet
and I don’t claim to be higher
than flying mountains

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and nobody can say otherwise

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