The Glasses

A couple of years back, when I needed new glasses, I decided to buy them on one of those Two for One deals, from an optical place that was part of a supermarket chain. The price was good, they were a reasonably current style, and, best of all, the girl there told me they would... Continue Reading →

Buying a car

Our "New" (new to us) car. First long trip was to A campground where we first met. Kind of a funny story behind it. I was looking for quite a while to replace our aging Mazda, and wanted something with low mileage that might last me until I am done driving, so finally found this... Continue Reading →

Beatles “converts”?

This isn't quite the sixties, but early seventies.....I had just bought a record album, the cover of which pictured four long haired guys on a crosswalk. Was still living at home. Parents had gone to bed, and I was sitting in the dark in front of my huge Electrohome stereo with headphones on. In walked... Continue Reading →


Lucidity (dream remembered) In a strange crowded cafeteria , in the company of a young (boy?) of about 12, with whom I was close (and wanted that closeness back).  Waiting for something (what?).   Joined the line to get a coffee, and found that the person in front of me had taken the last available cup. ... Continue Reading →

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