Buying a car

Our “New” (new to us) car. First long trip was to A campground where we first met. Kind of a funny story behind it.
I was looking for quite a while to replace our aging Mazda, and wanted something with low mileage that might last me until I am done driving, so finally found this Buick with 49K on it for a good price, on a private deal.

Turned out it was down in Don Mills, but I went to have a look anyway.You know the old saying attributed to used car salesmen? Goes something like “it belonged to an old lady who only drove it on Sundays”.  Well, this one happened to be partially true.  

It was a very elderly couple who couldn’t drive any more. They were in their 80’s, and were taking WheelTrans. The car had sat in their underground for a time.  
Anyway, I got there and met Sonya and Henry, very nice folks. After a cup of tea, I asked to go for a test drive. They couldn’t find the keys. Sonya was blaming Henry for misplacing them, and then she started looking for the spare set she had “put in a box somewhere”.
I was left alone for about ten minutes, and Sonya came out with tears in her eyes because she couldn’t find them. Henry said “let’s go down and look at the car anyway”, so I humoured him. The car looked brand new, except for a few scratches he pointed out, saying that his wife had “hit the pillars” a couple of times. He said she was a pretty bad driver and shouldn’t have bought such a big car.
So, I told them that if they could find the keys and get the car certified by the end of the week that I would come back to give it a test drive. Trip number Two to Don Mills came later on in the week, after they had given me daily phone updates on their progress.
Henry said they had to get keys made, and it cost them $300. So, the two of us go down to the underground garage, and Henry says “I’ll drive it out”. I said OK, and got into the passenger side.  
I thought he was going to cry, and I sure felt sorry for him.
He said “do you still want to drive it?” and I said I would, as long as it was going to be fixed. We then took it out the highway for a bit, and he said “We will drop it off at Buick, and they’ll drive us back to my place”.  
So, I go into the service desk with him, and he tells the guy what happened, and could they fix it etc. The guy says they will send it to their body shop, it will take a few days, and so on, and could he please have insurance details. Henry says “No no, not through insurance”. The guy says “are you sure? This is not going to be cheap”. Henry says “can’t help it”.
It turned out later that he had had his license pulled and was not supposed to be driving, and his wife “was going to kill him” if she found out.
Trip #3 to Don Mills came about a week later, after Henry called me and the car was ready. I drove all the way down after work, and decided to stop into Buick on the way to have a look at it.
The guy said “it’s not done yet. It’s still at the body shop over on Warden Avenue”.
To shorten this already lengthy story, I was down there from 11:00 to 5:30 wating on the car, during which time I was taken out for lunch, went to the bank to get a draft, and then to the licensing office with the two of them to get the transfer done.
There must have been 30 to 40 people in line when we got there, and Sonya said “I should’ve brought my walker, that usually works”. Then she spotted the girl who was running the Information desk, and wheedled her way to the front of the line.
So, the transaction looked to be complete, until the girl said to Sonya, “you’re only missing one thing, the E-test” Sonya said “What E test? It’s almost a new car”., whereupon we were informed that in any transfer of a used vehicle, it is mandatory.  
My heart was in my shoes by this point.
The girl behind the counter smiled and said “don’t worry, you are the owner now, and here is a temporary permit good for ten days, so you will have that time to get the E test done”.
Back we go to Buick, waited another hour until the car showed up, then Henry paid his collision bill, we changed the plates, and I took them home.

Trip #4 to Don Mills was to pick up my old car, which I had to leave in the Buick dealer’s parking lot until I could come down with an extra driver (my son) to get it.
To sweeten the deal a little, my sweet daughter bought me a birthday gift, which is a nifty car detailing package to be done this weekend.
Woo Hoo!

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