Accoutrements of sleep 

Every night Washes the air mask that keeps him breathing Puts hot cloths on his sore eyes Does the Physio stretches for his sore back Takes the pills for heart, insomnia, reflux, and depression Installs his earplugs to shut out the nightly noises Snaps the night guard onto his teeth to stop the grinding Tapes […]

The hard boiled egg

Good day everyone. The wife likes egg salad, but prefers someone else to make it. I think it’s because of the very fiddly part of the procedure, which is the peeling of the little suckers. Experience gained from gutting avocados in order to make guacamole has led me to apply the same method to the […]

The Cat’s in the cradle

I like dogs….and they like just about everyone, or so I think. We have cats, though.  Through 40 years of married life, we’ve never had a dog.  Put it down to laziness, our work schedules, or the likelihood that the animal would be cooped up in the house most of the time.  I feel that […]