The hard boiled egg

Good day everyone.

The wife likes egg salad, but prefers someone else to make it. I think it’s because of the very fiddly part of the procedure, which is the peeling of the little suckers.

Experience gained from gutting avocados in order to make guacamole has led me to apply the same method to the dreaded hard boiled egg.

I found a dozen or so that she had cooked and refrigerated, then went to work on them.  Fetched a sharp knife and a teaspoon, then cut each egg in half and gently scooped out the contents into a large plastic bowl with a flat bottom, being careful not to include any shells.  In less than five minutes, I had them all “peeled” and, using a potato masher, ground them up to just the right consistency for a chunky egg salad.

Added some scallions, mayo, a little salt and pepper, and, most importantly, two or three tablespoons of the juice from sweet pickles.

Yum, and happy peeling!

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