Accoutrements of sleep 

Every night

Washes the air mask that keeps him breathing

Puts hot cloths on his sore eyes

Does the Physio stretches for his sore back

Takes the pills for heart, insomnia, reflux, and depression

Installs his earplugs to shut out the nightly noises

Snaps the night guard onto his teeth to stop the grinding

Tapes his mouth shut so the airflow from the machine will not escape

A little cream around the nose to prevent itching

On with the mask, out with the lights, Sweet Dreams.  ZZZZZZZZ

7 thoughts on “Accoutrements of sleep 

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      1. You’re welcome. But gosh, that means you do this every night. I repeat, quite an exercise. I can’t write anything more on this because I feel any words will feel shallow. But I admire you for not complaining about it. 🙏😊

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