Strange thoughts……

This probably means I could be nuts.


Never having been a religious person (or at least a member of an organized Church), I would nevertheless like to propound a theory in relation to the above.

Being able to speak only for myself, and not generalize about others, I will say that in my life I have had some unbecoming, mean, and despicable (if not downright evil) thoughts.  In my older years, I’ve sometimes been sour and bitter towards people.  I do believe, as well, that our Creator knows all of these things, and has endowed some of us with a Conscience so that we can feel regret and make amends for our bad deeds, or at least not repeat them.

In my daily wanderings, I see people that seem relentlessly happy, confident, and magnanimous.  I examine myself, and think that I am headed in the opposite direction, and so I am filled with envy for them.  Already, I am guilty of one of the Deadly Sins.

A thought comes to me:  Perhaps these people have been “reborn”, in a sense.  I think that, in a previous life, they may have been common sinners like myself, and, when they died, their spirits were sent to a kind of Purgatory to atone for their deeds and thoughts.  They have known Hell, they have seen God, and they have been put back amongst us as living angels.

I don’t think of myself as an evil person, but when I look at these angels, I feel I may be on a slippery slope.  They seem to be able to look into your soul.  At times, this is uncomfortable.  At other times, there is a kindness in their eyes that draws out the best in you, and there is a realization that you are of value, and have something yet to give.

Perhaps I can tilt the slope in the other direction.  I will give it a try.

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