The future

Breathing deeply from a long brisk walk, I sit to write this. On a very cool October day, the one before I turn 67, a young boy of about twelve approaches me on the path.  He's a handsome kid, with red red hair and freckles, and has no qualms about making eye contact.  He smiles,... Continue Reading →

Mister BlueTooth

  Mister Bluetooth Feels as though he is wired to receive, Willing or no, The auras and vibes of those travelling through time with him. Chance encounters that many would not mark Shower him with ceaseless impressions. Some souls seem born with wells of kindness. He returns what he has of this, out of tired... Continue Reading →

Puppy needs help

Warning:  Do not read while you're having breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When we were kids, my old Mom used to keep a craft corner, where she would make all kinds of wondrous items for Dad to sell in his travels.  Her little shop was downstairs, and she normally kept the door to the basement closed.... Continue Reading →

You were meant to know the night

So as to regard the infinite Universe. For the softening of things, the greater peace and quietness. The appearance and sounds of the creatures of the dark. The spiritual renewal that can come with dreams. The darkness of the soul that needs be known for us to experience Joy. The mystery, the majesty, the melancholy.... Continue Reading →

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