From Captivated, to Captivity

There’s something called obsession, and by all accounts it is “unhealthy”.
His fleeting glimpse of a lone dancer, in a season past, will not fade.  Instead, it has sprouted within him, a seedling spreading indelible branches into many directions.

On one of these possible paths, he sees himself returning to the scene, making improbable enquiries as to who she may be, when she might reappear, so that he may perhaps experience the vision once again.  On another, he wonders what he really has seen, and the whys of its powerful effect.  It has assumed the form of a bright filament of spirit within his mind.

He’s painted this, unwittingly, with his own brushstrokes, like a mad Van Gogh, and can’t tear himself away from the image.

This descent has taken him too far, and he tells himself that he must “come back”, for his daily life now seems dreamlike, and his artwork the reality to which he is drawn.

“What now is my path?” He thinks.


  1. What now, is my question too? When are you posting the other part? I’m really eager to find out if his obsession drives him insane or he somehow regains sanity. Which is it going to be?

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      part three will cost you

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    2. Lee Dunn says:

      Just kidding….this whole story is a metaphor for something in my own life, so I should be able to bring it to a conclusion….thanks for reading!

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      1. From your own life? Did you find a muse that you couldn’t get out of your head too? Now I can’t wait to see how it ends… waiting!

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      2. Lee Dunn says:

        not tonight. I have a headache.

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      3. Whenever you feel lile it. It’s your baby 🙂 And get well soon

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      4. Lee Dunn says:

        You have it.


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