The Music of the Greats
Charges the very neurons of the mind
They glow brightly
As if from a sudden injection of quicksilver
I think

And the ones that are the keepers of memory
Secrete themselves and wait until called,
Often in times of great need.

Cadence, phrasing, pauses,
One note eyeing and speaking to the next
Uttering thoughts high, and thoughts deep.
Causing anticipation, and great desire to hear
What is next?  What is next?

Can this be of humankind’s making?
Yes!  That is why we call them the Greats.
They have used all that was given to them,
And have shown it unto us
As something of beauty and power and permanence

Like the magnificent storms upon Jupiter.

4 thoughts on “Jovian

  1. Excellent! I often wondered if these greats – musicians, artists, actors – have some knowledge of magic and use it to tweak their performances. Sometimes you are so moved by their works that it feels otherworldly. You captured this very well in this piece.

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