The Captive, in thrall

Almost a year from the day he saw his “tiny dancer”, he still struggles to bury the image, and sees this as a strange and fascinating illness of the soul. Am I weak? Evil? Insane, to let this affect me thus? Has my life been so devoid of joy that I see, every day, the […]


She colours when he looks her way, a blush so fair to see. They met upon a winter’s day, but it was not to be. He saw she had the sweetest heart. She cared for him unasked, but their lifelines were too far apart, and their secret was unmasked. Those who saw them, gossip spoke, […]

From Captivated, to Captivity

There’s something called obsession, and by all accounts it is “unhealthy”. His fleeting glimpse of a lone dancer, in a season past, will not fade.  Instead, it has sprouted within him, a seedling spreading indelible branches into many directions. On one of these possible paths, he sees himself returning to the scene, making improbable enquiries […]


In a small, crowded, noisy bar, on a winter’s night, he’s surrounded by family and friends.  There’s a dislike for the setting:  Having to shout to be heard at your own table, the inevitable loud or belligerent drunks, the tiny bathroom always occupied.  He stays anyway, because the band is partly family too. Gradually, unknowingly, […]

Driving dreams

When you’ve had your license for many decades, there is that innate sense of control that comes with the autonomy of being a driver. In some of my uncomfortable dreams, I am behind the wheel.  The unpleasantness arises not from a loss of control over the vehicle, but from a sense of being directionless, lost, […]


In the bad place, he Turns to the mirror. Sees his own falseness, A stab to the heart. Under the microscope Of the mind’s eye His trembling finger is guided, and points To spiritual wrongs committed, As of yet unrepented. Thievery, betrayal, cowardice, hypocrisy, false witness. All bared to the unforgiving light. A drowning feeling […]