Month: December 2017

Factory follies

Thirteen years of my industrial career were spent in a certain manufacturing plant, seven of those as a machine operator.  It was a job that required considerable training, and you were initially hired as kind of a “first mate”, pairing up with the actual operator, helping out, doing some basic changeovers, and learning the ropes. […]


You’re my home

the way you  say wheee! when we turn a sharp corner how you offer to push me around in the shopping cart when we go for groceries (never gets stale….Ahem) how you sing that song “Over There” when I tell you where I parked the car how you cook and cook and cook when there are only […]



Morning coffee It’s a clockwork routine You with your twitching whiskers And pointy ears And wobbly walk You detect my footsteps to the kitchen table And make your stand by my feet Look up pitifully, eyes round, Like that one from Shrek I know what you’re here for But pretend I do not A little […]