Factory follies

Thirteen years of my industrial career were spent in a certain manufacturing plant, seven of those as a machine operator.  It was a job that required considerable training, and you were initially hired as kind of a "first mate", pairing up with the actual operator, helping out, doing some basic changeovers, and learning the ropes.... Continue Reading →

Closing time

On the nights that I pick up my wife from work, there is an impromptu show of sorts that takes place after closing time.  Sometimes, it seems as if it could have been scripted. Their closing time is 9 pm, and it has been so for as long as I can remember.  They lock up,... Continue Reading →

You’re my home

the way you  say wheee! when we turn a sharp corner how you offer to push me around in the shopping cart when we go for groceries (never gets stale....Ahem) how you sing that song "Over There" when I tell you where I parked the car how you cook and cook and cook when there are only... Continue Reading →


Morning coffee It's a clockwork routine You with your twitching whiskers And pointy ears And wobbly walk You detect my footsteps to the kitchen table And make your stand by my feet Look up pitifully, eyes round, Like that one from Shrek I know what you're here for But pretend I do not A little... Continue Reading →

One Life

A fine lesson in spiritual attachments and regret, by Pradita Kapahi.

The Pradita Chronicles

In the end there was darkness. Pain, white hot pain, and hopelessness. So much so that they swamped me completely. Till I finally succumbed…


Let there be light… and light there was. Warm, welcoming, pure, ethereal.

When that moment passed, I floated up, weightless like a feather. The pins and tubes stuck to my body, the pain of my failing organs, it was there no more and I was free, devoid of every human ailment or frailty. It was a moment of immense lightness and strength. I felt renewed.

In the room though, the mood was different…

“Flatline…”, the Doctor pronounced with resignation in his eyes and tone, as he looked at my family. Guilty eyes pleading sorry, as if he had let them down. One by one everyone but my family moved out.

That’s when it started. The mourning. It was grey. Did you know emotions have colors…

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Another statistic

Trigger warning: Suicidal ideation. She might have seen the signs in the months before. His snarlyness.  The odd sleeping hours. The overeating.  The loss of interest in anything but the damn iPad.  How everything else seemed to require a gargantuan effort.  The seemingly blatant and secretive disruptions of her compulsion for organization.  The knives stuck... Continue Reading →

this is home FAQ

What are you looking for What are you eating Did you close the garage door Did you lock the front door Why are all the lights on Where's all the cats How come you only put 2 inches of water in the sink when you wash dishes What's the expiry date on that Are you... Continue Reading →

Details of Pieces

I do not wish to be critical of people (watch this, I will do it again).  Have been judgmental in my life, too many times.  At this late date, it is still a tug of war with something higher that tries to steer me away from this ingrained habit.  I once wrote a poem called Pieces of... Continue Reading →

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