The bright side of Old

Pain, the manageable kind, tells you at least that you’re still connected to your body glove, though you might wish you could turn off that switch (maybe at bedtime?)

Oldness, as it sets in, hopefully brings with it the compiled wisdom of your life, and not too much bitterness that makes you look at the young with envy.

Your creeping infirmities will be put into perspective when you notice some of the “young”, in their 40’s or 50’s, with bowed backs, bad legs, addictions, or wheelchair bound.

Sometimes, you receive spontaneous smiles from strangers, and it makes your day.

People ask for your advice.

If you’re lucky, there are grandchildren.

You get cheaper haircuts and movies.

Your auto insurance costs less.

You can take naps, and no one says anything.

Free money from the government every month.

And, you can stay up until 3:00 am and write blogs on the iPad your daughter bought you.

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