Reciprocal issues

You were hired at the store where my wife works, and saw me bring her a cup of tea every day at lunch.  One day, you remarked, in front of others, Gee, I wish I had a boyfriend like that.  I just smiled, a little tongue-tied.  As the daily routine went on, I saw, or imagined, you sneaking a glance as I brought my clockwork cups, then looking away.  Later, they put you on as a cashier, and I sometimes wound up going through your line.  I didn’t attempt to start a conversation, other than saying Hi, but one day you said why are you looking at me that way?  I reddened a bit, and asked what you were talking about.  Nothing, never mind.  As I brought the tea each day, I began to get a little apprehensive, wondering what you would say next, and it wasn’t long before you were waving and saying things like Hi, Hubby, did you bring my tea? , so I started thinking up clever response lines, taking it lightly and enjoying the joking repartee.  After several of these exchanges,  I said “listen, what do you take in your coffee?  I’ll bring you one.” You looked embarrassed, as if I had called your bluff, but told me anyway.  Must have thought I was joking, because I let a week go by.  Then I brought one in and slipped it behind you at the cash desk, and kept walking.  When I left the store, I went by an alternate route, but you spotted me, held the cup aloft, and called out Hubby! You didn’t!
People looked.  I did this only the one time, because I thought it had embarrassed you, and I didn’t want to cause trouble.  Lots of snickers now, and amused glances, whenever I came in with the wife’s tea.  She knew that I had made a friend, and was a little uncomfortable about it,  but didn’t raise a fuss .  After all, anything more than clever clowning around would be most inappropriate, considering you are old enough to be my granddaughter.  But, a year later, actually last night, my wife and I were at a Christmas party that you happened to attend as well.  She nudged me and said “Your sweetie is here”.  I stood up, reddened again, and you gave me a big hug.  Hi, Hubby.

You, maybe with daddy issues.  Me, in a late-life crisis?  What could go wrong?


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