I’ve three fat cats

Used to be four

The skinny one passed

I have turned them into kitty crackheads

(Too liberal with the treats)

Now I see the error of my ways

How they manipulate me!

Especially the the fattest one

Cunningly, I think “we’ll skip a night for the kibbles”

I go to bed, close the door, soon drop off to sleep

There’s a knock

Wearily, I uncover, open the door

To darkness, no one there

I mutter “you miserable little bastard thing”

Back to bed, turn off light..

Another knock, more forceful.

Up I jump, in a tither

This time, glowing eyes light the hallway

Annoying meows beckon towards the kitchen

I resignedly follow.

Fluffy tails circle my feet

Looking like periscopes

Or shark fins closing in on their quarry.

I dole out three piles.

The ringleader refuses to eat

Until I add a few more.

I now have to get a second job

To support their habit.


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