this is home FAQ

What are you looking for

What are you eating

Did you close the garage door

Did you lock the front door

Why are all the lights on

Where’s all the cats

How come you only put 2 inches of water in the sink when you wash dishes

What’s the expiry date on that

Are you off work this weekend

What are your hours tomorrow

When are you going to fix that

Who are you calling

Where’s my glasses (they’re on your head)

If you want to save electricity, why do you leave the TV on all the time
(keeps the cats company)

Who’s that woman you were talking to

What did you do today while I was working

Did you see that funny video on Facebook

You going to apply for that job they had advertised

How did your day go

Are you not feeling well

What are all those unlabeled things in the freezer

How many months have they been there

Why don’t you put labels on them

Did you forget it was our anniversary

How many stitches did it take to close that wound

Did I hear you say you were sorry?

Did you forget it was my birthday

What do you want for Christmas (nothing)

Where’s my glasses (reprise)

What time is your lunch break (same time every day)

Did you talk to any of the kids today (no)

Why don’t they ever call us

Did you take the garbage out (yes, dammit)

Will you dig me 35 holes to plant my tulip bulbs in

Will you stay with me?

Yes, I will




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