One Life

A fine lesson in spiritual attachments and regret, by Pradita Kapahi.

The Pradita Chronicles

In the end there was darkness. Pain, white hot pain, and hopelessness. So much so that they swamped me completely. Till I finally succumbed…


Let there be light… and light there was. Warm, welcoming, pure, ethereal.

When that moment passed, I floated up, weightless like a feather. The pins and tubes stuck to my body, the pain of my failing organs, it was there no more and I was free, devoid of every human ailment or frailty. It was a moment of immense lightness and strength. I felt renewed.

In the room though, the mood was different…

“Flatline…”, the Doctor pronounced with resignation in his eyes and tone, as he looked at my family. Guilty eyes pleading sorry, as if he had let them down. One by one everyone but my family moved out.

That’s when it started. The mourning. It was grey. Did you know emotions have colors…

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