Morning coffee

It’s a clockwork routine

You with your twitching whiskers

And pointy ears

And wobbly walk

You detect my footsteps to the kitchen table

And make your stand by my feet

Look up pitifully, eyes round,

Like that one from Shrek

I know what you’re here for

But pretend I do not

A little coolness is in order first

When you get a little manic

Then I break down

Let’s see, where to scratch first?

Under the chin? Top of the head?

Chest, where you can never scratch yourself?

You beam at me with those big round eyes

Your purring is whirring

You wet my hand with drool, you fool

Temporary nirvana

Then, one eye quivers a bit, and closes slightly

I have learned not to miss the signal

The one night stand is over

In five minutes.

” I vant to be alone”.

“Leave me or, yes, I vill bite the hand that feeds me.”

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