The Empath (Mars 8)

This is the 8th instalment of a speculative story of our visit to and colonization of the planet Mars.  The others, in order, are: THE EMPATH A day after our momentous meeting, I was having lunch in the dining hall, and Sasha joined me.  I didn't know where … Continue reading The Empath (Mars 8)

Found things

After her death, We cleared out Mother's house. Among the found things were A stained brown envelope with a marriage license from 1932 A jewelry chest full of baubles we never saw her wear In with the baubles, wrapped in plastic, someone's baby teeth An old leather bound Bible we never saw her read Pressed … Continue reading Found things

The old lady at the university

A charming story.

Isabelle´s thoughts

I saw her again, the old lady in her seventies, who was sitting in the corner of a sofa outside the library. She was reading a newspaper, all her attention was paid to the front page it seemed, she didn’t turn the page. A half-empty lunch box was just beside her, she had already finished her coffee.

I walked towards her slowly so that I wouldn’t appear intrusive. She lifted her head, gently. No sense of surprise was to be traced, our eyes met, I smiled to her, and she to me. I sat on the floor, looking up to her face. Her grey hair was done in a loose bun. She smiled again.

Her appearance at the campus is quite noticeable, she looks so different from what is expected to be seen at an university. She walks slowly, having her back bent forward to such an extent that her…

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Some important questions. (Mars 7)

This is the 7th instalment of a speculative story about our visits to, and colonization of the planet Mars.  The previous ones, in order, are: Sasha Hendriks was the co-chair of the governing Committee.  She was a tall sparely built woman, sharp-nosed, now in her mid 40's.  Her brilliant … Continue reading Some important questions. (Mars 7)

Oceaxe (Mars 6)

This is the 6th instalment of a speculative story of a voyage to Mars, and its initial settlement.  The others, in order are: Oceaxe was an odd girl.  Now, at 15 years of age, she was of middle height, but somewhat gaunt and bony looking.  Long jet black hair partly … Continue reading Oceaxe (Mars 6)