Dunce material

I have a little gripe, you see,

With poetry obtuse

Don’t like the way it challenge me

I look like silly goose

There’s still a curiosity

To look up those big words

But such obtusiosity

Just makes me think of nerds

Give me Poe or Tolkien

Or even Robert Frost

Would I be too folky then

My reputation lost?

I’m always in for rhyming

It puts me to the test

And interesting timing

It gets the thing expressed

Simplicity’s the key for me

To get my thoughts across

And twenty dollar adjectives

Just leave me at a loss.

So, if you find I deviate

From what is writ above

Just tell me to abbreviate

And we can stay in love.

So Ana, if you’re reading this, I’ll pay you for that word. If twenty bucks is good enough, I’ll never call you nerd.

3 thoughts on “Dunce material

    1. Hope you didn’t take it to heart. I would never call you that. Google doesn’t show a definition for your new word, so I thought you might have appreciated seeing it emblazoned in print.


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