Someone I know
is more brave than am I.

She jumped from a forty foot fall
into swirling stream
on a dare.

Rode the highest horrifying rides
at the midway.
Challenged me.  Challenged me.
I went too.  I went too.
Almost turned blue, but I went too.

Helped people and animals in need
When I might close my door.

Figured out how to fix her car
On the side of the road
in a midnight snowstorm.

Used her noggin
And rose rapidly from the ranks
to do a job without thanks,
but she is Queen.

Does for others before herself
and needs another who will do for her,
but none have made the grade.
It is lonely for her, with standards high.
Settle, she will not.

My fear is her aloneness.

My joy is that she calls me Dad.


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