Yet more cat trouble

the one that has me treat-trained
sits in its worn out spot on the floor
every day, same time
it has now developed
a professional smirk
a badge of accomplishment
shall I acquiesce yet again?
am I but a human yo-yo
spun into the Sleeper
then drawn back for endless repeats?

meanwhile, back at the ranch,
the brother and sister laze on the lounge
they are having a lick fest-
you do me, I’ll do you
I watch in amused fascination until
they seem to come to themselves
and realize where they are
and what they are doing
the licking stops, the eyes go wide
one hisses
the other gets a choke hold on him
the claws and teeth come out
there is a high pitched scream

I wonder what I have done
to cause this magic moment.

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