A World Without Word’s

Some very helpful actions taken by Eve.

The author’s on a blog site I follow, The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch posted, questioning what would we do if there were no writing, no word’s. I found this interesting and decided what if?

Word’s encompass our being. They detail what we know as life. Then I began thinking of this concept on different term’s. Viewing it as a world that deaf and the blind experience. The deaf do not hear the pronunciation or sound of word’s and the blind can not read literature. While word’s are poetic and beautiful to me, I doubt the disabled feel the same.

I have faith in us as human’s in finding ways to communicate without the usage of word’s. Language is something that is taught and repeated and if need be, we change to accommodate. I do not want imagine a world without word’s. I have always been curious as to who creates word’s…

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