How much is that Worry in the window?

Are you going on holidays?  Buy our pills, or you could get traveler’s diarrhea.
(a woman in a white bathing suit runs toward a public bathroom, which is lined up out the door)

Adults over 50 should get the Shingles vaccine.  Talk to your Doctor.  (May cause death in rare cases)

Someone is shown enjoying a drink with a little umbrella in it.  Palm trees wave in the background. There’s a close up zoom on the ice cubes.  Did you know that Hepatitis C can be spread in many different ways?  Get the Twinprix vaccination.  Talk to your Doctor. Because you are a Traveler.

A woman is shown about to give a keynote speech at a business presentation.  She is nervous.  As she points to some items on the screen projection, a sweat stain is visible.
Buy our deodorant, or you could wind up like this.  Sweating and maybe smelling too.

Two neighbours chat in their driveway.  One has just bought a spanking new truck with all the bells and whistles.  “Yep, just got this baby.  Twenty thousand off too.  Too bad about your broken Volvo”.  The other guy with the Volvo has been watering his brown lawn, and his hose suddenly goes limp.

Two women talk in the kitchen.  One is a neighbor who has just walked in, dressed appropriately in a smart business suit.  They talk about dishes.  The smart one, when she sees the dishwasher open, says “Oh My, you have spots on your dishes.  You should be using Cascade.  The other lady, instead of hitting her, looks crestfallen.  Lesson learned.

If you’ve been hurt, or are going to be hurt, in a car accident, call the Four Diamonds Law Firm.  We’ll get you what you deserve from those nasty insurance companies, or you don’t pay.  Of course, “what you deserve” is subjective, and we will take our 90 percent commission, thank you..

A clumsy woman in her kitchen goes to take her turkey out of the oven.  She slips on a goddamn toy her toddler has left on the floor, grabs the tablecloth, everything goes on the floor, and she rubs her hip.  At Manulite Insurance, you’ll be covered for things like this.  Our motto is “You never know”.



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