Month: January 2018


Someone I know is more brave than am I. She jumped from a forty foot fall into swirling stream on a dare. Rode the highest horrifying rides at the midway. Challenged me.  Challenged me. I went too.  I went too. Almost turned blue, but I went too. Helped people and animals in need When I […]


Dream in instalments

Early this morning, I had a pleasant and heartwarming dream. For me, that is unusual in itself. I did not want it to end. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, after I awoke for the call of nature and went to get a drink, the dream resumed after the five or ten minutes it […]


Where love has gone

There we were, we two little ones. Brothers by blood. Huddled in horror, sometimes. Witness to warfare of spirit. Knowing not where love had gone Between the Mother and the Father. Even at this tender age, we’d lost the joy Of anticipation, And looked longingly back on innocence. Those two battling souls Were like giants […]