Month: February 2018

my number one fan

I sit on the edge of the bed pull on the socks, jeans, suspenders, shirt while the dumb animal lays out flat on the covers after it’s followed me from the breakfast table to the shower to the bedroom it’s my number one fan, you know cocks its head slightly to match my vision’s angle […]



somethin’ dirty somethin’ bad somethin’ insidious bought with the coin of weakness is losin’ its grip on little old me ah, I can feel it tentacle by tentacle prong by prong sinew by snapping sinew is it gonna go quietly? not a chance. it bellows and hollers in my dreams. but I analyze those cries, […]


Not your fault

I texted you today just to say hello well, not really so…among the real reasons… (haha) *didn’t want you to hear my voice *I know you don’t like to take an actual phone call *I wanted to assure myself that you were still around I hoped that you would read between the lines of my […]