Lies we tell, lies we are told

whiskey warmth in the belly
ah, what a good substitute
warmth of spirits for spiritual warmth

I think I will buy this
I think I want it
I’ll take it home.  It will make me feel better.
it’s the latest.  I’m back in style.
something to show, something to show

I’m saving up
a down payment
on that beauty beauty car!
then I can pay by the month too!
then, in six months
the thrill is gone
I feel funny
I feel anxious
and sort of doomed

hey, let’s go to the casino!
I’m only taking a hundred bucks with me
I’m not gonna use my bank card

come on man, everyone’s doing it
it’s a real trip
only lasts a couple of hours
you’ll be glad you did

in the evening of life
having navigated it all
we sit now in front of a blurting glow box
spoon feeding the same old, same old
The siren song of the neon God.



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