Sweet dreams

in the dense darkness of the woods
there’s a perceived foggy softness of light
a way out, let’s hurry now

in a tree tunnel, as promised
closer now, we’re there
what follows is gaining

the way is barred
a barricade
a weathered rail fence
two heads high
knitted over with barbed wire
grown over with creeping vines

a quick look to right and left
its madness extends into the gloom
what now?

there’s deadwood, pick it up
use it as a lever
pry the stiff rails
hold them open
spread the barbed wire
apply tension, tune to the key of E
it is angered, I am cut, cut, cut
part the curtain of withered vines
dive through now!
more cuts, but life will heal

kick out the braces
keep one, it’s a perfect mace
climb up that tree
nice and dark in here
blood dribbles onto the fist and makeshift club

the obscenity approaches
I hear it, I smell it
demented screams and triumphant laughter

it thuds against the camouflaged barrier
more screams, now of pain
it has no higher brain, you see?
and knows not how or where I am gone

it climbs, crying crimson
my club, my mace
heavy, with jagged brokenness at its end

this thing of filth gains the top
bloody claw and drooling maw
I swing hard
so hard, I fall to forest floor
I hear grunts, choking drowning sounds

I am still enraged at this dogged pursuer
Through the pain and bleed I climb once more
and drop down upon it, flailing, flailing
the mace

like a mad dog struck suddenly
it makes a piteous show of aggression
then flees into the dimness

I stand in tremulous tears,
put my braces back up once more, with more care, more care
open the curtains
I am back on the right side
and it is in the wrong

will it heal and renew its rabid pursuit?
away, away, I hear
a cry of scorn, derision,
but also of defeat
it is gone, I think, forever.



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