Daily Prompt: Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

I once saw a meme on the internet that used a picture of two electronic control boxes to simplify common (or perceived) personality traits in men versus women.  The one box, representing women, had fine tuning controls for just about every possible emotion and situation in life, resulting in somewhere around 30 knobs and pointers.  Of course, the other, representing men, had only one:  a toggle switch that said ON/OFF.

I was reminded of it the other day, when my wife and daughter, after having a few cups of tea, decided they wanted to go grocery shopping.  They asked if I wanted to come along, and I said “sure, it’s better than sitting here”.  So they told me to get ready, they were going in a few minutes.

I went and had a shower and shave, then got dressed and said “Ok, are we going?”
They were still drinking yet another cup of tea.  Then, they had to get changed, put on a little makeup, fix the hair, finish up the dishes in the sink, put out some cat food, check Facebook, find out those winter knee boots don’t fit anymore.  I stood there jingling my keys for a bit, then came to the realization that this was going to take a while.  So, I took of my shoes, went upstairs, made a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

As soon as I sat down at the kitchen table, I hear someone say, from the bathroom “OK, that’s it.  We’re ready”.  Out they come, dressed to kill.  Wife says “I thought I told you to get ready”.   Nearly choked on my sandwich.  Had to think of a good one-liner, so I said “What’s with the outfits?  It’s not like we’re going to Wal-Mart or anything.”

God love them.  Looking at those control boxes above, I think maybe both of the sexes could use a little of the other’s traits.  Yes?


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  1. pvcann says:

    I laughed out loud.

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