A letter to Humanity, by Danny Gluska

Everyone: I came across this essay in the Eyes plus words writers group on Facebook, and I think it should be shared. It was written by Danny Gluska. It’s lengthy, but well worth reading.

A Letter To Humanity

I humbly begin and say, to every human residing in Earth, I love you. Do not forget that Earth is a unity. We have the perfect sun to rotate around to continue life, yet we never did anything to have this star manifest. Each one of us is a mere dot in Earth, and Earth is a mere dot in this galaxy. Furthermore, we are in a galaxy that is a mere dot in the universe. Yet, here we are, one may question whether other beings exist, but I believe that is a meaningless question if we are not a unified humanity. Does it not astonish you that you have existence within tiny relevance to the universe? Don’t take anything for granted, we could have just as easily not existed.

Everything I say in my understanding isn’t authoritative. I am no one’s authority, nor is anyone, anyone else’s authority. Only we can be our own authority and decide for ourselves. I simply state what I have come to rationally understand about reality. That being said, I only ask you try on the possibilities I mention to see if you find rational thought and truth in them.

We are all burdened by the past of humanity as a whole. That is because that was us, different names, but us. There are over seven billion years of experience lived yearly. That is fascinating and humbling. You are not alone, if you wanted to meet an alien from another universe, seek out another human. We are all one, what I do to myself, I do to other, I do for the universe. The golden rule is “Love your neighbor, like yourself”. The importance being, love yourself so you can love another. This doesn’t mean love your ego. That’s a joke, the ego doesn’t exist, you can search for it like the back of your head, but you’ll never find it. Your ego is like an onion, you take peel after peel off and eventually you get an empty core. You must seek out your true self by removing illusion and the ego. When you do, you shall know and be your true self. The key is being, you are not just a human persona, you are the being of consciousness that inhabits the here and now.

This awareness of consciousness in your mind is your true self. This self is beyond thoughts, feelings, personality, the past, it is beingness. I am, therefore I think, that is what Descartes should have said. I am I and you are you, but flip the script and you are I and I am you. We are all one unity, front necessitates back, other necessitates self, and inside necessitates outside. This awareness is the universe peering through each one of us at the place we call here and now. We’ve clouded that seeing of the universe with our conceptions of reality. We were never meant to ever be completely honest, there is an element of irreducible rascality in all of us. It is in the face of pretending we’re just this body, and personality. What is you ego and personality? Nothing more than a bundle of thoughts from the past that you define yourself by.

Couldn’t we as humans just as easily never been born? Who would you be if not this personality you call yourself? Who would you be if your parents never met? What is like to go sleep and never wake up again? What is it like to wake up after never having gone to sleep? That was what being born was. Most people are unhappy simply because they don’t love themselves. Not because they don’t try to love themselves, rather most people don’t know who they are. Those who clearly don’t love themselves shouldn’t be admonished, rather they need to be introduced to their true self. There is a part of us that just wants to be, this awareness of consciousness only wants love with self and other. This is the part of our mind that finds forgiveness in our past and is ready to seize the opportunity of the moment.

We must remember, the past like the future, doesn’t exist in the only place we ever are, the here and now. We don’t trust our fellow humans based on the past, yet we were strangers when we started in this body we now found ourselves in. We start to take things for granted when we think we control life. No amount of human progress will ever give us autonomous control. The fact remains, we don’t have complete control. No one consciously grows their hair, or any physical growth their body undertakes. We don’t control the processes that our cells and nerves undertake. We can use words to describe the entire process, but remember those words are only describing the process, not making it happen. All the biological processes in our bodies are gifts that make existence possible. A drop of semen contained all that this body needed to eventually emerge from your mother, and we can explain the biological steps taken, but they are not the cause. Likewise whatever your spirit needs, is contained within the infinite light and soul that you are.

All of existence is a gift, there’s nothing we’ve ever done to just appear in Earth. Our perception creates deception, we must learn to decipher what is illusion. When I look at the sun and put my hand up towards the sky, I can sense I am covering over the sun. Yet, we know that’s not true. There is relativity and incorrect perception in almost all our sight of the universe. We can’t stay at the level of automatic, first impression unconsciousness. It is in this state that we far too easily fall for illusion. We must be the keen awakened observer in touch with true reality. Who said we were supposed to survive? Who said we should have even been born? Did we do anything to exist? Nothing should be taken for granted. We focus on the illusory external “differences”, yet the essence of who we are unites us all whether or not we acknowledge that fact. The world can end in nuclear chaos and we all physically perish, yet we’d still be ok. We will just return to the infinite self that unites us. We are going through a process or finiteness in the path towards reconnecting to the infinite self. We are more the same than different. Will you let your perceptions deceive you? Contemplate how nothing in the physical world is permanent. Physical nature is condensed energy in constant flux.

We must be aware of our brain’s tendency to deceive us in our perceiving. Take fruits and vegetables as an example. The most beautiful looking produce doesn’t always equate to the best tasting. Likewise the nearly overripe, hideous, half bad produce can produce an alarmingly delicious fruit or vegetable. When I look in the mirror I think I am looking at myself in the present, yet it takes a tiny moment for the light to travel to my eyeball for me to see myself. Our brain often seeks that which confirms it’s biases and prejudices. In that process we miss the entire picture, that is, that existence is still underlined by existence. Meaning, there is constant existent happenings in this organism and throughout the universe that we don’t see the source of their cause. We don’t see our body do what it does, yet it does it beyond our intention. What we see only happening with our eyes is not only that which exists.

On our physical level science says we are just atoms. Yet, these very atoms are 99% empty. I don’t think any of us walks around thinking we’re 99% empty. Perhaps the point to take away, is don’t overly get attached to the physical nature of this universe. It is in constant chaos, change, and flux. No one survives in the physical form, why even be scared of death? That’s a joke, death is just a physical happening, but our essence isn’t physical. Like the ego, losing this physical form is meaningless when we don’t own these bodies. They will go back to the dust and ashes from which they came. We are a part of this dance of nature in playing form. Life is being creative in it’s expression of form, the form being our clothes in this lifetime. Science can explain away the steps to a process but that is only using words to point to a happening. Science isn’t creating the happening of the sun to nourish us. You don’t eat a menu when you go to a restaurant, words are only symbols. Reality isn’t symbols, reality simply is. Words are not reality, they are only the best attempt we make at discussing reality.

The divine is all of us, that means the presence of all fellow humans should be equally respected. One who drives recklessly on the road has an inflated sense of ego that disregards others. Likewise any action one takes is something the universe is doing at the place you call here and now. That means, don’t take lightly what you do for yourself, for you are doing it for the universe.

You are a miracle. No one is coming to save you, there is no better half out there for you. Seek your better half in you and save your own self. There is that ghost, the ego, the definitions we call ourselves, limiting us from our potential and possibility. Only you hold your keys to free yourself. Realizing the present is all there is, and you are not your past, means it is you, who must stand up for you, right here and now. The only way to triumph over the past is to acknowledge, access, and honor the light within you that gives you this very moment. Worse than death is wasting potential, that is being dead while alive. Choose to be aligned with the light within you, fully in the present moment.

False modesty is man’s greatest sin. We are manifestations of God’s image, God has no image, this isn’t an image seen with eyes. This refers to the essence of God, that is life giving, being, and the very all encompassing existence that God is. Definitively speaking of God is already a fool’s errand as God is not something we can define. God, the cause of our existence, is infinite and perfect in every possible way. That means speaking of God, can only be done anthropomorphically. Just as easily we can use any word you can think without the meaning changing. Simply put, the one who has manifested this creation for us is ineffable. Again, words are only symbols, we can only try to use words, but they’ll never be accurate in speaking of God. Using words to discuss reality is like using a fork to scoop up water or trying to smooth rough water with a flat iron. Consequently this too applies to inches or any measurements, reality isn’t made up of inches, latitude, and longitude. That is our way of dividing reality for practicality, but that will never produce the actual result of having divided the one reality from what it is. Knowing God isn’t an intellectual pursuit, intellect is about categorical understanding. God is an incorporeal unity that is beyond physical and the spiritual. Similarly to know one’s self isn’t an intellectual pursuit, it is an intuitive pursuit. Hence meditation, which has nothing to do with being good for you, rather is the practice of simply grounding yourself in the eternal now to become present to what is. In that space can one find their divine self and be open to the presence of the infinite who always is.

Be aware of the status game, it is illusory. You can’t take anything with you wherever you may go. Even the clothes they put you in won’t go with you. Your only true possessions are your actions and interactions with yourself and others. The material world is in constant flux, here today, gone tomorrow. Money is important as a tool for exchange of goods and services, but not as the bottom line. Love, peace, kindness, they are the bottom line of existence, otherwise, why play the game of life. There is enough for our needs but not for everyone’s greed. In the end, whatever you think you own, will own you, you think you own this body, yet you couldn’t tell me how you consciously operate your heart. We are visitors of human existence in this form we find ourselves in. All is a gift, nothing is truly ever owned by an individual.

Isn’t it incredible how food transforms from whatever it physically is, into the living and breathing body you inhabit. Now, science can tell you the steps, name the interacting cells, and explain away digestion. That being said, does science cause this happening? Obviously not, it simply is a happening that you have no control over, yet it happens. We can talk positively, negatively, or neutrally to a plant during growth and affect it’s process. Does that mean we grew the plant? Of course not, it is a happening that we are blessed to have occur for us. Think of all the things that have occured within every physical body, Earth, galaxy, and universe throughout time to keep the existence of humanity a possibility. That list may be infinite and very likely unknowable by just one individual.

Understand that death is a blessing. The wisest of all men, King Solomon said; “ And the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.” (Eccl 7:1) Being born happens out of one’s control but one can influence his death. That is, the manner in how it received by those whom have ever known the individual. In death we have the entire picture and story to the individual’s history, that importance allows us to properly cherish one’s existence. Death is a celebration for what has happened and the good that came out of this life. Appreciate the value of death, it is the shadow behind you, to remind you to cherish now. No one wants to near death with regret, as if you even know when it’ll come. Do not be distracted by the distractions of life and really imagine dying today and consider what would be left undone. Why are you here? You must answer this question right now, there is no later. Death is a tragedy when it results in the loss of potential, but it is also is positive as it allows new life and opportunities to be born.

We have to take responsibility for what is. That is, the here and now, in the space of the only place we ever occupy, can we make a choice. Only with love, kindness, and forgiveness can we heal the past we keep hating. No person could possibly heal a psychological trauma without allowing love, kindness, and forgiveness in the space of what has happened. No sense in fighting what has happened. The time is now, it is an eternal now, clock time is there only for practicality, but it isn’t a real and tangible existence. Coincidentally, can one hear or experience anything past with any of their five senses? An hour ago doesn’t exist right now, every breath and new moment is a gift. Should it not be cherished with love, kindness, and forgiveness, even in the space of the most horrific pasts? Psychological trauma may linger individually, nationally, or universally, but that is only to the perception of our ego which accumulates the past. In reality, the now, simply is what it is, that is, it is another moment of gifted existence. Watch every breath as it comes in and out. Do you control that? Or is it a happening that goes one even when you aren’t consciously present to it? The very nature of the breath points to the gift that each moment is new, as one can’t hold onto the breath, that is the past, for more than a few seconds. Eventually one must concede to what is and exhale with a breath of relaxation. This is analogous to death, eventually each one of us will exhale and let go of existence in this form we now find ourselves inhabiting.

Weightlifting, meditation, aren’t good for you. The idea, good for you, is based on faith. After all, one is not stronger immediately after exercise, nor is one’s focus significantly improved after a meditation. The improvement comes in growth, a process we can’t truly account for when tomorrow is not guaranteed. You are, whether you admit it or not, taking a leap in faith in believing you’ll be around to see the journey find it’s completion and growth. That precisely is not guaranteed, you can only breathe and experience one moment at a time. Exercise should be done, because it is something you enjoy and want to do in this moment. Likewise, meditation simply is a joyful practice in grounding your attention in the here and now. Any improvement in skill and the joy one gets from that, is a gift for past actions that you had no guarantee you’d be around to take pleasure in. You can only do one repetition at a time, make that your best one ever, and a moment later do the same thing again.

Don’t seek the answers outside of you, for you or anyone else, the answer you will seek is in you. The answer is you, there is an infinite mind and universe within you, seek it within and become friends with yourself. If every person learned self reliance as best as they could, then humanity as a whole would be significantly better off. We need to uplift each other by way of showing others their true potential, not hindering it and babying those around us. Letting others or one’s self run from themselves, and thus, their potential, is harmful and hurts humanity as a whole. The truth is, you can never truly run from your issues and the potential you carry to overcome them. Your answers that are within, are always with you in the here and now, the question is, will you practice and cultivate self reliance. After all, there is only one set of eye looking at you through that mirror, begging you to free your soul and it’s potential. Only you ever truly have the key to unlock your potential, even asking another for assistance, is your action to take. When you find yourself on your deathbed, it won’t be life and circumstances that held you back, rather how you reacted and behaved in the face of reality. If existence necessitated a circumstance, then it is your fate, no fate is ever given without one having a best and right choice to take in the face of adversity, no matter how tough. Tough circumstances attest to the most potential for growth and only come to those who have the most potential. Perhaps you could assume the opposite and say you can’t handle the circumstance, but isn’t that a put down on yourself and the intelligence of the existing circumstances that specifically happened to you?

You have a right to believe in materialism, a world devoid of free will, and a supreme being. That being said, that’s a put down on yourself and humanity. Worse, it is irrational to conclude those things. If you have no free will, then don’t get out of bed, saying you have no free will is a way to avoid responsibility. Can you set an intention, consider many possibilities, and then walk in whatever path you choose? Furthermore, why do unlikely things happen, in a determined world rare circumstances shouldn’t happen. Additionally, time is full of spiritual experiences like prophecy, that are scientific evidence of soul interactions with fellow man and the infinite. Simply because science can’t recreate and explain these occurences doesn’t invalidate the truth of their happenings. If this is simply a materialistic world, then why is it your mind or soul ceases to exist in your body upon death. If your mind was one and the same as the brain, should it not remain trapped in the body until the brain disintegrates? Additionally, feeling the presence and vibrations of another are not physical interactions between individuals, but rather soul interactions. Did you sprout in Earth of your own volition? Or perhaps there might be a cause to your existence? You couldn’t create something into existence without intention and intelligence. Is it not foolish to believe that the intention of intelligence couldn’t exist without an intelligence practicing intention? Furthermore, knowing how a process occured doesn’t mean you know who caused it. Words are not causal actions, only arrows detailing a process. I can give you a meal and you can be told the ingredients and steps to it’s creation, but that doesn’t mean you know who caused it’s happening. If you never knew who made the meal, would you go around believing, because you know the ingredients and steps, that they caused the meal to happen?

Understanding truth, is vital, that means understanding that we also have subjective experiences. On some level, there is always just a little subjectivity when one tries to perceive truth objectively. Likewise it is important to practice objective presence of one’s self, yet you will never have complete objectivity of yourself. That doesn’t mean you don’t do your best to be as honest possible with yourself. That being said, you remain honest that your capacity for deception is a permanent resident in your being. This is not just in you, but in every human being, thus don’t take even someone you admire, as someone who can’t deceive himself or another. To be a person is to deceive, the word persona means what you personalize to be, as in a mask to your true divine essence.

Living for your ego and thinking your alone is foolish because there is a divine will within you waiting to guide you to your greatest achievements. Of all the places in space and time, here you are, one the one hand it can seem random, yet it can also seem fated. After all, why this specific moment? Contemplate your existence, strengths and the light you have within that the universe needs. A good name is living for the universe with love and kindness while you are still alive. From a holistic view, you are the universe in action at the place you call here and now, choosing what is most rewarding for the universe, is what is most rewarding for yourself. Living for your ego is a bottomless pit, it sucks you dry without ever letting you be content. In its fight to survive in your mind, the only way it can remain, is incessantly demanding your attention to it, to keep it alive. For the moment you let it go, is the moment you have gotten out of your way, and become one with the universe. In the end living for your ego will leave you empty for all the things your ego thinks it can hold onto, are things that will slip through your fingers. When you die, what will be left, is only your presence and actions within the universe.

Be aware of the devil in the expectations you place on life. Life is, life is play right here and now. What makes you think you are owed what you expect? Desire is something to be entertained, but not to be obsessed in. Do you eat to survive or survive to eat? Long term goals are important so long as you properly use the present. The universe doesn’t owe anyone anything, all of existence has been a gift to humanity. The question remains what are we living for. We can blame the past, say we’re determined but that’s a weak excuse. What we do as humans right here and now is going to create the past we’ll soon think was determined. Should not human unity, kindness, peace, and love be our most important ideals in interaction with self, other and this universe we collectively inhabit, no matter how brief? Each one of us impacts this universe and each one of us must choose wisely how we behave mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The gift of memory is a tool to remember lessons of the past, but it doesn’t need to be a pain to derail us from a better Earth in the only moment we are collectively on Earth, the here and now. Heal the past and remember you are already all free and enlightened in the eternal now, whether you know it or not, it is the only time we exist in.

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