If I could have these, made of glass please

An onion made of glass
A nun, in habit, toddlers tugging at her skirts
A jar, by a door
Stockings with a run in them
An English garden
A balalaika
A colourful room
Cellophane flowers
Henry the Horse
A parking meter
A weeping guitar
A bird with a broken wing
A big brown bag of money
A daisy chain
A moon dog
A soap impression
A lizard on a windowpane
A shady tree
A jack knife, in your sweaty hands
A twenty carat golden ring
A choking smoker
Sir Walter Raleigh
A pool of tears,
A tie with mirrors
A hammer, made of silver
A garden, under the sea

These would do nicely for a start, you see.  I promise to dust them, yes I do.

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