Good night, sleep tight

I have brushed my teeth now
and the mother says it is time for my bed
but first
you must piggyback me down the hall
my feet must not touch the ground, mind!
dump me on the bed, bounce me one two three

get out the big colourful picture book
by Richard Scary
I must find Goldbug, right?
I pretend I do not know, do not know
until you look askance at me
then triumphantly I put my finger on the page
there he is!

now you must read me Tom Tit Tot
that little thing with the whipping twirling tail
no one can guess his name, but we know.
is he related to Rumpelstiltskin?

now I start to yawn
you lay me down on my belly
you play Down in the Jungle on my back
with your beating bongo hands
and then mother yells GET THEM TO BED

now you cover me
I lay my head on the pillow, shut my eyes
you sing to me, in the littlest of voices
“late at night when the wind is still
I’ll come flying to your door, and you’ll know
what love is for”

you know I’m pretending to sleep
’cause I can’t help the little smile
so you burble my lips with your finger
and I make the silly noise

and now, I feel it.
just as you always say
the sandman is coming
you wind my curls around your finger
make them even curlier

goodnight my Daddy


  1. S_MW says:

    This is really lovely, Lee.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Memories from 30 years ago.


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