my number one fan

I sit on the edge of the bed
pull on the socks, jeans, suspenders, shirt
while the dumb animal lays out flat on the covers
after it’s followed me from the breakfast table
to the shower to the bedroom

it’s my number one fan, you know
cocks its head slightly
to match my vision’s angle
then makes those bedroom eyes

in the purring, in the flexing of those grey mittens
such serenity, peacefulness, feline fulfilment

I have the foolish thought
I would like to change places with you
just for a day
I want to love like you
and feel love, like you
nothing mattering
except we two


  1. How very cute. If I may, what’s your feline friend called?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So cute! 😀


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