the diddler

I diddle away here
when maybe I should be
washing the dishes
vacuuming the floor
going for a walk in the false spring
fighting for a cause
helping the poor
letting God see i’m paying my debt
even though he knows it’s just appeasement

somewhere in the Bible there’s a story
about a rich man who gave away
much of his fortune
for he had heard that rich men have
as much of a chance of getting to Heaven
as a camel has of passing through the eye of a needle
and then there was a poor man
who lent his last penny to help someone
and we know which one God smiled upon

so this diddling, this “writing” if you will
is, most times, all that emanates from me

even now, I feel the push
to go and seek, go and do

Let me up, let me up
and I will.

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  1. Keep diddling Lee. We aren’t complaining 😉


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