Good night, sleep tight

I have brushed my teeth now and the mother says it is time for my bed but first you must piggyback me down the hall my feet must not touch the ground, mind! dump me on the bed, bounce me one two three get out the big colourful picture book by Richard Scary I must... Continue Reading →

the creeps

I feel those goddamn creeps again are there any curses known to man shouted out through tears of brokenness that will serve as sandbags against this tide no I will spare you the futile obscenities and hold them as heavy stones their cool rounded flatness fits my palms this sediment of bitterness I mourn over... Continue Reading →

Guns In the Classroom

Hear hear.

Endless Bitchen Summer

After dedicating 18+ years of my life to teaching high school before retiring this year, I can say with authority that arming teachers with weapons is a very bad and dangerous idea. While some of my former colleagues may disagree, I assert that only more tragedy will occur on an armed-and-ready-to-shoot campus.

Most people who propose arming teachers have not set foot on a high school campus since they graduated. So let me enlighten you. Schools are over crowded. My last teaching assignment was at an at-risk school – the largest Title I school in Nevada. I had 230 students. Most classes exceeded 40 students. Desks were jammed so close together that in an effort to assist students, I had to squeeze between desks. In that type of proximity, a motivated student could have disarmed me in seconds.

While most of my students were great kids, I had legitimate gang…

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A note from the underground

Hello, solitary one. I'm a little uncertain a little diffident and hesitant to come a-knocking at your door. Is it yourself you are content with for company? It is, after all, the old reliable. Do you, perhaps, mistrust the throng, or will you just not suffer the fools? The privations of apartness need happy amelioration... Continue Reading →

You who

You who walks in grace flashes the smile the covert glance from knowing eyes who knows me not but knows me all You who have pinned me under glass in a frame a collected butterfly with hidden colors for your eyes only You have no need to flaunt you move in rarefied air but not... Continue Reading →

Grateful for the pain

dear one thank you for this morning's pain I shall not make a grumble I may never feel this good again so now i will be humble the only things that hampered me were an aching back and head so i feel as though you pampered me and let me out of bed gone the... Continue Reading →

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