The cafe in the mountain

This gives a good feeling, Isabelle.

Isabelle´s thoughts

I am sitting here in the corner, after almost one hour walk. It is an old wooden cafe in traditional Norwegian style, a favourite spot for skiing enthusiasts, a category I do not belong to. I am a running and walking enthusiast. I have been thinking of visiting this cafe for a while now, the fact that it is not reachable by cars or any other transport means I would have to walk the 4 km long skiing slope to reach the destination and then walk the same distance back.

The weather is lovely though, the sun shining on the fine sugar-like snow, it is all peaceful and harmonious.

It is a bit weird waking amongst all the skiers. I encountered people of different age going up and downhills, their movements flexible and smooth. Some children were exceptionally good at going uphills. No single movement was excessive and wasted.


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15 things not to say to someone with a chronic condition


The Narcissist's Daughter

Chronic pain and disease are not just pain or sickness.

It is frustration, sadness, anger, anxiety, emptiness, and loneliness. It is wondering how on earth you will make it through, and if you can cope with this forever. It is wondering how you can pay the bills, buy your medications, and visit the doctors, while still putting food on the table for your family. It is missing your life, the one you had before you got this sick and being scared of the future.

Surviving with chronic pain, or illness means that each morning when you get up (if you can get up) you face the day with uncertainty and fear. You try to put a smile on your face and cope the best you can, but often failing.

Those of us who have this battle withstand so much mockery and blame from others, there is so much misunderstanding and…

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