abstinence is more fun

me and me buddy
we are twenty one
we have freckles like Alfred E. Neuman
we are atop a kids’ slide
we climbed the long long long ladder
with the knurled steel steps
it’s a double we are excited
we grip the railings stand up
look almost straight down
upon the gleaming tin
heat waves rise from it
we see at the bottom through clouds
perfect miniature villages and farmland
we turn toward each other eyes wide
i’ll race you we say
and down we go
helter skelter
Godzilla and Rodan
god, we are so high

me and me little brother
inside a mile long china shop
locked in and vacant
it’s darkling outside
all the walls ceiling floors
are just cabinets and drawers
we cry a little we wanna go home
strange knocking sounds strange sweeping sounds
a grotesque shadow moves rapidly around
floor ceiling walls
it scares us before we even know what it is
we try the drawers
we open cabinets, trash the china
find the cabinet has a back door
Narnia? or escape?
we go through, feet first
we’re in another long room, empty concrete, one candle
at its end a door with sunlight and green plants
we look back through the glass cabinet
and there’s the face
black robed black hat
slowly sweeping
it is the Season of the Witch.

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