The bluebird of happiness

Little things that brought a bubble of joy to me in the last few days

When you’re sick and you do things kind of half assed just to get by, then you realize that the way you did them before was more than enough.

When you are still sick, and the wife looks in on you and says stay in bed dear, I will walk to work this morning. Yessss.

When you are doing the monthly budget, and you suddenly realize that you have paid a bill for $200 twice.

When you are a coffee snob, and you will only buy a certain brand which happens to be $18 a bag, and then you find out they have it on sale for half price.

You have had your computer for a few years and you think it is getting a little decrepit. You phone your computer guy and ask how much new ones are. He says you know what just bring it in. Maybe just needs a good cleaning and files fixed up a little.

You realize that for some unaccountable reason you have a not so secret admirer who happens to be 40 years younger than you.

You wake up, anxiously thinking you are late for work. Until you realize you are retired.

You visit your sick daughter, make her a pot of chicken soup, and she says ,as you are leaving, text me when you get home.

You realize for some reason you have a secret admirer who happens to be 40 years younger than you. Wait a minute…… I already said that.

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