The cafe in the mountain

This gives a good feeling, Isabelle.

Isabelle´s thoughts

I am sitting here in the corner, after almost one hour walk. It is an old wooden cafe in traditional Norwegian style, a favourite spot for skiing enthusiasts, a category I do not belong to. I am a running and walking enthusiast. I have been thinking of visiting this cafe for a while now, the fact that it is not reachable by cars or any other transport means I would have to walk the 4 km long skiing slope to reach the destination and then walk the same distance back.

The weather is lovely though, the sun shining on the fine sugar-like snow, it is all peaceful and harmonious.

It is a bit weird waking amongst all the skiers. I encountered people of different age going up and downhills, their movements flexible and smooth. Some children were exceptionally good at going uphills. No single movement was excessive and wasted.


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