Can’t give it away

I had an old cellphone that still worked, so I decided to put it on FB as a giveaway.  Within about half an hour, I had several responses saying they were interested.  Then, one person wanted photos of the phone, details as to its memory, etc.  Were there any scratches? Was it suitable for a youngster to use?  Another said they would be by to pick it up within an hour, and never showed or texted.  I had waited for them before going out.  A third wanted it delivered out of town.  One person, who was fifth in line, texted me about every hour wanting to know their chances.  Another told me a story about her handicapped son who had smashed his phone and needed a new one, and could I please ignore everyone else and let her have it?

So, this turned into a real job just keeping track of all the messages, who was to show up, what time, etc.

In hindsight, next time, I will just leave it on the front porch and say come and get it.


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