Itchy and scratchy

God, I itch. When they say it's all in your head, Forsooth, this time they are right. The tympanic membranes vibrate at a galling frequency perhaps meant for Fido to hear. But I cannot scratch this bitch of an itch. Scalp over scabbed skull I scratch, helping along that balding patch. There.....relief. (at least, that's... Continue Reading →

the dance of Love

If you invited me inside and put your trust in me upon that trust I would abide a friend to you I'd be If I invited you inside and chanced to let you see emotions that I try to hide would you confide in me? we both have had a broken trust and cautious we... Continue Reading →

Hand in hand

We awake from the blessed sleep after death's embrace. Here, in Heaven's womb, we lie, we look. Our breath upon each other a perfume. We hear, in gentleness, a sighing soothing swell of song. We smell grass, fresh after a rain. We stand, with lightness of mind. We see, on the green hillside, a throng... Continue Reading →

Lighten up

Well, i saw a video on Twitter once. Some family member or "friend" secretly filmed a young girl coming to sit down for dinner. Someone asked her to get something out of the pantry. They had hidden a stuffed raccoon inside the door. She opened it and started screaming and running around. Everyone laughed. Girl... Continue Reading →


Under the skin, something poisonous. Like an acid flowing, as if from the Alien monster. Watch out for the dribbling! Often now, there are thoughts that reflect that menacing countenance. A wrestling match (With an Angel, or Devil?) Tenderness, not likened with love, Pain's manifest in the body glove. Sore to the touch, no matter... Continue Reading →

Number 13

to bed I went, brooding on first world problems. marked for a lesson. all stumpy I awoke there was no pain I had no hands I had no feet the sutures had healed over the skin was smooth and beige I swelled inside fear bursting through my ears and eyes I went to cry out... Continue Reading →


It was nothing, really. Some moments of playful affection. A friendship understood, without words. People looking, but we didn't see. You sat down table from me in the cafeteria. I was talking to others, but you flicked popcorn at me every thirty seconds. I played dumb, then pretended aggravation. When the break buzzer rang, I... Continue Reading →

Number twelve dream (nightwings)

we play Ouija us dumbasses it's a teen night at the manor the protective parents trusted us when they wanted to have some fun of their own you know the drill just like in the movies we all join hands around the table the lights dimmed for atmosphere slightly drunk, slightly high giggling at this... Continue Reading →

Spring in the suburbs

slanted shadows straining through fence slats the last claws of winter come to take back their snowfields the steady trickle of the great melt a stumbling fly blunders onto my windshield as I sit eating fries at McDonalds supplanted by the scavenging seagull who watches me carefully hand to mouth, hand to mouth I save... Continue Reading →

The tower of babble

My naivety is showing. Ever since the advent of the full-throttle internet there's been a temptation, before buying goods and services, to be smart about it by seeking out the myriad reviews, whether it be on Google, Facebook, Amazon, or the company's actual website. Such a minefield this is to navigate.  It does not take... Continue Reading →

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