Midnight wandering

So atmospheric, this.

Isabelle´s thoughts


When I entered “Kaffekoppen” (The coffee cup), a vintage cafe located in Stockholm’s Old Town, it was crowded. The waitress said if I didn’t mind going down stairs, there were plenty of seats available there. Of course I did not mind.


Walking down the narrow spiral staircase, I reached the cellar. It must have been used as a storage for vegetables or wines ages ago. Chilly and with a smell of old rocks. The rough stony wall has got various symbols and characters imprinted on it. It reads KN ❤️ SN with an arrow going through the heart. Kevin and Sharon or Karen and Shawn? Never mind. A few spider webs hanging down in the corner. No spiders in sight.


The cafe will be closed at around 08.00 pm. So I was told. I am thinking of hiding myself in the corner until it gets dark outside. Have to take…

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