Fee Fee is no more.

For the last twelve years

We played games

She trained me well to dispense the treats

And everywhere I ever went

This lamb was sure to go

Her fluffy loving face

An anchor to me in times of storm.

Tonight, her little heart gave out

And I brought her home

In a box.

15 thoughts on “Fee Fee is no more.

      1. I apologize that I’m so late in commenting πŸ’— We’d lost ours this spring too (late March), so yeah we’re in similar boats there 😘 You’re so right, it is like losing a child in a way (no offense to any parents who have lost human children, it’s just that our fur-kids are the closest thing I’ll ever have to a child). I definitely feel like a cat-mom πŸ’ Sending warm thoughts of continued healing, and bless you for your kindness as well πŸ˜πŸ’–

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