It was nothing, really.
Some moments of playful affection.
A friendship understood, without words.
People looking, but we didn’t see.

You sat down table from me in the cafeteria.
I was talking to others,
but you flicked popcorn at me
every thirty seconds.
I played dumb, then pretended aggravation.
When the break buzzer rang,
I passed behind you,
grabbed your bowl,
and dumped it on your head.

You made me feel young again.
Desirable again.
In the thick of things.

Why did you do this,
and then walk away?
Walk away.

Hah….I must be your conquest of the day.
Yeah. That’s it.

I think you might just grow up to be
a crazy old cat lady,
because of the way you toy.

But, God, I miss it.
And I hope you stick around
so we can entertain each other.


  1. gizzylaw says:

    How come you keep writing what I am feeling???? You did it again!

    Liked by 1 person

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