Wonder World

  The saddler's leather The vane of a feather The needles that come from a pine Electrical static And the smoke aromatic And the shivery feel up your spine Hot summer hazes The Moon, in its phases The whoosh in revolving of doors Cheeses so smelly Hot food in your belly And the sauna's white... Continue Reading →

Dangerous day

  Yesterday, in my little corner of the world, we ran into some coincidental calamities, or nearly so..... all in the space of ten minutes. I was driving east on the main street of town and was attempting to make a legal left turn to go northbound.  A southbound vehicle on my intended route had... Continue Reading →

A farewell to a life

In one of the back bedrooms of your emptied house, you sit for a moment on the stepstool you were using to dust out the vintage cobwebs. The others are out by the front porch, having a celebratory coffee. The last thing now to do, before the painters and cleaners arrive, is to take down... Continue Reading →

number fifteen

A green caterpillar, stripy, with soft padded sticky feet. It twirls and caresses the finger, then drops thirty storeys. A shattered shard of mirror, six inches from point to base. Tempted am I to challenge its edge. A fish net, made of basket-woven reeds, with a long greasy handle. It holds water too long. Stupid.... Continue Reading →

My precious

This morning, I cried. Over foggy coffee, fiddling with my phone, I watched a woman in her hospital bed wake up with new lungs. How long she bore the breathing mask I do not know. There were doctors and family gathered 'round. They took off her mask and said "breathe". Her eyes.  Her eyes as... Continue Reading →

Pierce my heart with cast iron arrows

Fifty years on, in my sad unpacking, this time of letting go, I find, pressed between panes, a polaroid. A face is fuzzily framed in one angled corner, and I think it's you. A blur of bouncy ponytail, laughing eyes and bunny teeth. Looking up, waving goodbye to balloons released, bound for a section of... Continue Reading →

The shooter (GRAPHIC)

Far from home and soul is me so anchorless, adrift divorced am i from family tree and Maker's kingly gift with jealousy and wounded pride without a sense of worth and none to whom i dare confide upon this blackened Earth with poisonous intentions now i hear the schoolyard bell my private demon's made a... Continue Reading →

The picture that bothers me

On my desktop, I've been in the habit of saving thousands of pictures from the internet.  I have loaded them into a screensaver so that each one dissolves into the next, after a few seconds.  Most of them have been collected because they elicit some kind of emotional response from the viewer, or at least... Continue Reading →


We were out celebrating a friend's birthday at a little tavern in town.  The waitress I had been used to seeing was no longer there, and I asked the owner Chris what had happened.  "Oh well, you know, she just up and left.  Took the kids and went out west.  Family problems."  And so, we... Continue Reading →

Live ones today

I posted an ad on Facebook (what a fool). I done dood it all wrong, I think...... Ad said "I have 3 old bicycles, free to a good home" "They have been stored outdoors in a shed, and are a little rusty here and there" "One has a broken seat.  We no longer need them. ... Continue Reading →

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