Month: May 2018

Dangerous day

  Yesterday, in my little corner of the world, we ran into some coincidental calamities, or nearly so….. all in the space of ten minutes. I was driving east on the main street of town and was attempting to make a legal left turn to go northbound.  A southbound vehicle on my intended route had […]


My precious

This morning, I cried. Over foggy coffee, fiddling with my phone, I watched a woman in her hospital bed wake up with new lungs. How long she bore the breathing mask I do not know. There were doctors and family gathered ’round. They took off her mask and said “breathe”. Her eyes.  Her eyes as […]


The shooter (GRAPHIC)

Far from home and soul is me so anchorless, adrift divorced am i from family tree and Maker’s kingly gift with jealousy and wounded pride without a sense of worth and none to whom i dare confide upon this blackened Earth with poisonous intentions now i hear the schoolyard bell my private demon’s made a […]