Spare me, please

I’m the proud owner of one of the newer cell phones, and I use it quite a bit to idly surf the net, reading news stories and the like.  When I come upon an interesting article, and click on it, two things invariably happen:  because of the limited screen space, the feed is formatted so that the annoying advertisements are injected after just about every paragraph, and, if this is not galling enough, I am frequently redirected to another page in order to view the denouement.
That said, the denouement is often a disappointment, and has little, if anything, to do with the clickbait headline.

I sometimes think I should get a job as an advertising critic.  Do these companies really think that these ads and their irritating placement actually help sell their products?
Then, there are the mandatory ads on YouTube.  My immediate reaction gives me a negative impression of the company and their product.  It actually makes me not want to buy it.

Makes me wonder if products such as cars, trucks, beer, etc. would be any cheaper if they had to survive on good old word of mouth advertising and real honest to God quality.  The millions that are spent on production of senseless repetitive TV ads could go into giving us something better.

I, for one, would be scared to drive a car that was sold to me based on the number of ingenious “safety” gadgets it had.  If my seat vibrated every time I came close to the dotted line, or my brakes slammed on because of a perceived hazard, I think I would get out and walk away.  What happened to good old PAYING ATTENTION. ?

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