Live ones today

I posted an ad on Facebook (what a fool).

I done dood it all wrong, I think……

Ad said “I have 3 old bicycles, free to a good home”

“They have been stored outdoors in a shed, and are a little rusty here and there”

“One has a broken seat.  We no longer need them.  They are adult size.  May need tires,

or maybe just some air.  First pickup at (my address)


The following are some of the responses:

Pictures, please!  (NO)

What are their measurements?  (unknown)

Are they functional?  (perhaps)

Will you deliver to Collingwood?  (30 miles away)  (NO)

Can you hold them until Monday, and I will come and get them for sure.  (NO)

I just want one.  Show me a picture of the best one. (NO)

Can you just take the brakes off one of them, and sell them to me?  Mine are broken.  (NO)

Show me some pictures of the rust.  I don’t wanna waste my time.  (excuse me.  you are wasting MY time)

What size are they?  (Please read ad)

I’m coming in half an hour!   (someone else said they were coming in 20 minutes)



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  1. lol! Sounds about right.

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