Dangerous day


Yesterday, in my little corner of the world, we ran into some coincidental calamities, or nearly so….. all in the space of ten minutes.

I was driving east on the main street of town and was attempting to make a legal left turn to go northbound.  A southbound vehicle on my intended route had his signal on to make a left turn, into my path,  where it was strictly prohibited with numerous highly visible signs.  When westbound traffic was clear, I began to make my turn, and he came out right in front of me.  Had to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision.  He acted as if it were my fault and made various rude gestures.

After that heart stopping moment, we continued up the street and I had to brake sharply once again.  A little girl in a saggy diaper was running around in the middle of the roadway.  I stopped abruptly and put on my flashers.  My wife got out and took the little girl by the hand and asked her where she lived, quickly leading her to the side of the road.  She called over to a woman who was doing some gardening and asked her if the child was hers.  The woman came running out, picked up the girl, said an embarrassed thank you, and went into her house.

Five minutes up the road from there, just as we were leaving town, I nearly ran a dog over.  It was off leash, but obviously owned by someone, having a collar and tag.

Maybe my planets are out of alignment, or something like that.

3 responses to “Dangerous day”

  1. Well, this is spookily coincidental, because I had a couple of near misses today too! I wasn’t going fast, but I rounded a corner and there she was, wandering in the road, as if she’d all the time in the world. Had to slam my anchors on but she was completely oblivious. I beeped my horn, but she didn’t even look round. The 2nd incident was similar to your one with the kid. I was waiting to have a 3rd, but it never happened.

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