Wonder World


The saddler’s leather

The vane of a feather

The needles that come from a pine

Electrical static

And the smoke aromatic

And the shivery feel up your spine

Hot summer hazes

The Moon, in its phases

The whoosh in revolving of doors

Cheeses so smelly

Hot food in your belly

And the sauna’s white steam in your pores

A pussycat’s tongue

An aria sung

The shadows that blot out the stars

The drizzle that’s staining

The snow, when it’s raining

And the sound of flamenco guitars

Bumblebees lazy

On summer days hazy

The waves from the pavement, of heat

The hummingbirds hover

We cannot discover

The speed of their wings, as they beat

The things in the Sea

Like the wild Manatee

And the squid with its fluids of ink

And the dolphins a-playing

And the predators preying

And the jellyfish, purple or pink

The eagles espying

The rabbit they’re eyeing

The spider that’s spinning its web

The spring ice that’s melting

The hailstorm that’s pelting

And the tides of the flow and the ebb


So, all is connected

And shan’t be corrected

”Tis part of the master design

And all things imagined

Belong to this pageant

That’s wrought by the Artist Divine.






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