Sarah serendipity

I have seen her many times, now, from March's thaw to the heat of July. She walks alone, even in a crowd. None approach her, none jostle. Her apparent path is always clear. Is it by chance, dumb luck, coincidence? Glances that wander to her are as quickly turned away. And she what business?... Continue Reading →

Pumping iron

When it comes to daily exercise At The Gym, a little streak of masochism goes a long way. I've been told before that I like to wallow.  In pain, that is.  Could be true.  I'm no therapist.  When I made up my mind to deal with creeping chubbiness, the stoicism reared its ugly head.  I... Continue Reading →

Salt Sea Calm

I heard that they will float you In a sea of Epsom Salt To ease away your tension And things that aren’t your fault You’re naked, with a blindfold The water is just right Then the doctors mention “Do not put up a fight”. “We’ll use you as a guinea pig To get our readings... Continue Reading →

The pumpkin King

Have you heard 'bout the poor country bumpkin And his horse who would only eat pumpkin? It grew so obese That it frightened his geese And he gave it the name "Fatty Lumpkin" *     *with apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien

In the iotas

He sings behind dark glasses. Not Pavarotti, or even McCartney, but the voice can carry the tune with a little nuance. There once were happy smiles and meant applause. Now, it's a smattering. The discerning see, and look another way. A voice graph would show, in its interesting iotas, the tremulousness. Confidence ebbing. Now, a... Continue Reading →

An 🍎 apple a day…

Undetected, a tooth cracks, then splits. The sharp shard cuts the gum. Then, the clumsy reflexive swallow. Mon Dieu! Did i just eat Mercury? All things must pass.

Idle hands

Not getting any younger. The government pays me now. Pays me back. It's kind of sweet. When I can, I snooze 'til eleven, have my morning coffee for lunch. Too sedentary, though. Geez, how did I go from 195 to 210 without noticing? Anyway, joined a gym last week. Against doctor's orders. Found one that... Continue Reading →

More cat trouble

just outside my bedroom door that little beggar waits it's finished all the bowls of food and licked the empty plates it's pigeon-toed and cross-eyed a ghastly sight to see belly drags upon the floor and a gaze that's fixed on me I think it has a pocket watch (it always knows the time) and... Continue Reading →

The wrong questions

Raindrops in history Snowflakes of all time Sand grains on the beaches of the world, not yet coalesced to rock. Suns of the universe Dark stars Black holes in existence How many? Wonder.....How many? There is an answer. The deaths of you and I, and those to come. How and when? It is known. The... Continue Reading →


A day, smartingly bright. Smallish trees bend under windyness- fishing rods tugged in unison. Weeds party in the garish garden. The fence, once painted traffic white, leans into dishevelment. Through its pickets, in time lapse, the rarity of a skipping child. A scooter-bound granny with a head full of stories, and, later, the pilot of... Continue Reading →

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